Last breath

Episode 3
2018, November 1st - 7:30pm


Claudio Lardo

Lucia Sardo

Pics on the set

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Docu-fiction in 4 episodes; the interviewee speaks about the last seconds of life of a loved one. The happyness to had in his life a special person is the main ingredient of narration; fiction is done with rotoscope animation to make memories nostalgic and dreamy. The story is narrated on two levels: one practical, with things, meals, musics, smell brought inside by the protagonist and shown to the camera; the second level is the story itself, where the last seconds of loved one are revealed to the audience.

 EPISODE 3 – Antonio is a simple man, with a great popular wisdom. He losts Pina, his beloved wife, his immortal great love, and now he lives the lonelyness of an old man with two adult sons. He miss her, but is aware about the huge opportunity he had: to share all his life with a special person.

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a show conceived by
Peppe Toia

written by
Federica Alderighi
Peppe Toia

directed by
Fabrizio Lauri
Peppe Toia

editing and vfx
Leonardo Botta

director's assistant
Giuseppe Volonnino

costume designer
Marina Tardani

make up
Francesca Antonietti


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