(Italiano) Le relazioni pericolose

Amelia Imparato
Claudio Lardo

Cinzia Ugatti
Angelo Ruocco

freely adapted from P.A.F. Choderlos de Laclos' by
Andrea Carraro

Michele Paolillo

Paolo Vitale

produced by
Foglie di Teatro
Casa del Contemporaneo

audio and light design
Virna Prescenzo

music support
Carlo Vigorito

directed by
Andrea Carraro

ph. by Antonio Rinaldi

« di 35 »

A year of epochal significance: 1789. In France. While the world is definitely changing its skin, "Dangerous Liaisons" are the last vague breath of an era that is leaving us. Our protagonists are the only ones who don't catch the news; their perverse and hallucinating chaos are like the last attempt to cling to a world at that point lifeless. The game between the two contenders struggles in front of a short-sighted society that seems to adore them, but a twist will put everything on sight and in the sedan. What had never appeared suddenly comes to light. Is seduction a useless game or a cruel provocation? And who will be the victims?

Salerno,Teatro dei Barbuti
August, 26th 2021


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